Western Michigan has fallen in love with Spoonlickers, the original frozen yogurt bar in Grand Rapids and still the best. Our handcrafted frozen yogurt is rich and creamy with less fat than ice cream and the added benefits of insanely healthy protein, calcium and probiotics. Spoonlickers was created by foodies, so everything in Spoonlickers is hand-crafted, locally grown and Michigan-fresh in season. You’ll find dozens of fun and healthy choices to top your treat, from your favorite candies to our famous home made chocolate ganache and granola!

Come visit one of our three locations, and find out what all the fun is about!

  • Who has fed our FroYo to their furry friend?

    @jazzyjay_268 - Jasmine Garza instagrams:
    Safe to say this 1 year old had a fantastic birthday!
    Played with her friends all day at daycare and got a butcher bone from the daycare attendants then finished it off with some Spoonlickers fro-yo with a special dog treat in it!

    Happy Birthday!